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Gourmet Experience

Small and large cuddles at any time of the day.

One of the key points of the Palazzo is its kitchen. A different cuisine, which expresses itself in an autonomy guided by the search for pleasure and "vice". For us, breakfast is the triumph of our search for detail. We churn out excellent food but above all refined specialties, pampering, habits. Sitting at our common table or in any corner will place your soul in a state of emotional privilege over the world. There will be no better start, every day.
But this will only be the first moment of the day. Surprises, perfumes, pampering will follow you, in a discreet way, in your every moment with us. A scent of familiarity will always surround you and every return to your room will be a little discovery, a welcome surprise.
You will feel loved. Because it will be so.

Tour & Escursioni

Small proposals and ideas to make a special moment unique

SPA Treatments

Wellness is our world and our way of being.

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