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Our idea of hospitality will delight you. The new business project of Beatrice Baldisser is entrusted to the talent of a very young business captain none other than her daughter, Martina Pisacane. Palazzo Sant'Anna perfectly reflects the philosophy developed during Beatrice twenty-five-year experience in the holistic wellbeing field and which Martina uses as a stepping stone to establish the philosophy of hospitality in this ancient residence. The Palazzo, in fact, is not only a luxury hotel, it is a place of history, a place of soulful atmosphere. These walls have a heart.

Research has been conducted to improve the energy of the environment. Actually, each room has undergone a specific study under the principles of Hartmann's Nodes. This study had a specific role in the choice of the position of the bed as the nodes cause frequencies that could interfere with the psyche of the sleeper. The meticulous attention paid to the hotel has thus made it possible to detect and map the present nodes and consequently to choose a strategic arrangement of the furnishings in order to eliminate any possible nocturnal disturbance. All with the aim to perfect the concept expressed by the word relaxation to the maximum degree.

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